I T   A L L   B E G A N
W I T H   A   B E L T

A few years ago, Jess Etchemendy needed a new belt.

Fed up with the cheap stuff that always seemed to break too soon, he ordered a buckle and some leather online to craft his own. After days of sweating and sifting through online tutorials, he completed his first belt. Little did he know how many would follow.

Jess posted a picture of his work online, and almost immediately, his friends and family were asking how they could get their hands on a belt of their own, but before he could start filling orders, Jess and his family were struck by tragedy.

T H E   S T O R Y
O F   1 7 4

When his younger brother, Tim, passed away, Jess found solace in leatherwork. The strength of the blade. The scent of the cowhide. The notion of creating something by hand. Jess discovered a sense of comfort in his workshop that he couldn’t find anywhere else.

Before long, Jess’s friends and family received their belts—and more. Since progressing as a craftsman, Jess graduated to more intricate pieces such as wallets and motorcycle accessories in honor of Tim, who was an avid Motocross biker. His racing number? 174.

To this day, everything Jess creates is a tribute to his brother and a testament to the unmatched quality of handcrafted goods. 

S H O P  1 7 4  L E A T H E R W O R K S

Our pieces are crafted to order using only the finest, hand-selected American leather.

“ Go Fast. Don't Suck. ”
- Tim Etchemendy

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